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Important Notice Concerning Paxum Payments
January 12 2018

Dear affiliates,

Starting from January 10 2018, Paxum is no longer allowing personal accounts for US-based account holders. Business accounts and international personal accounts will not be affected. If your Paxum account is affected by this change, we ask that you complete one of two actions to ensure continued, timely payments from Swank Dollars:

Work with Paxum to replace your personal account with a business one. Once complete, please update your billing information in the Swank Dollars NATS system to continue receiving timely payment from us via your Paxum account.

Switch your payment method to checks or wire in the Swank Dollars NATS system. Since this Paxum change only affects US-based owners of personal Paxum accounts, $2-fee checks are likely to be your quickest, most affordable payment option moving forward.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about this change and help you in whatever way we can.

Thank you for understanding. We are looking forward to an amazing 2018!

Marshal | Affiliate Manager |
Skype: nettrust